How to update the District 18 Calendar with your Lodges information.

  1. Click on  calendar 
  2. Click on the date such as 17th. Click on number
  3. It will open a box asking for password.  Each lodge has been given the password so that they can input their information. This has been sent out to each lodge Secretary in district 18. Each lodge can give out the information to anyone in the lodge that will be inputting the information. We would like each lodge to keep there information current.  Please delete anything that is cancelled and change any changes. Contact webmaster if you lost password.
  4. It will open a page saying ADD NEW EVENT
  5. Fill in which is the date, start time and end time
  6. Fill in Event Text (This is what will be showing on calendar)
  7. Click on Category this a mandatory selection. This will make the background and colors  the same for each entry   you make on calendar. Select your lodge number or event name.
  8. Type in what you would like to see get popped up when you click on event information.  Such as address and more about event you want other lodges to know. You can add a lot of information to this section example if you are having a dinner, you can put prices and such.
  9. Click on Create Event/Save.
  10. Please then view the calendar and make sure the information is correct.  If event changes or deletes come back and correct calendar.
  11. If there is another entry for that date you will need to finish first and come back and add new event again as above
  12. More than one Lodge can have information on one date.
  13. Once you see how to set it up, it is very simple.  Test it out to see how it works.  Any questions contact Webmaster.
  14. Due to this being a free site at times it messes up due to overload just resend your information until it takes it.  It might be slow to respond at busy times of the day.  Also there are ads on calendar that we have no control over.

After you input your information check the calendar to see if it is correct. You might have to hit PF5 to see updated calendar.  Need help just click on webmaster and I will reply as soon as possible.